C-Unity is a peer cohort program that supports the academic, social, and developmental needs of first generation students of color

 Advisor and Program Faculty
     Cecilia Valenzuela: 
     Academic Advisor / Instructor
(Ethnic Studies, Sociology, and Women & Gender Studies)

2009 C-Unity Cohort
Akeem Huggins
Ariana Dominguez
Genesis Qui├▒ones 
Kevin Patterson 
Luis Villalobos
Neelah Ali 
Tu Chung 
Valerie Contreras
Veronica Vang 
Zoe Ybarra 
Peer Mentor: Joe Duarte 

The students in C-Unity's 2009 cohort shared 2 and/or 3 classes together during their first semester and also met once a week to share campus resources, study, and meet with peer mentors and their advisor.

During spring 2010, the C-Unity '09 cohort created videos of their personal and group experiences at CU Boulder which included tips for surviving your first year in college. 

This past spring 2011, six students from C-Unity '09 cohort took a Chicana/o studies course together and volunteered their time with Chicana/o high school students participating in a university outreach program. 

This summer, five C-Unity '09 cohort students are  studying abroad in Havana, Cuba.